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Tango L'amore Tango L'amore, where passion, music and rhythm merge - Our dance studio provides instruction in authentic Social Argentine Tango in Santa Barbara California. Tango classes are structured in a well-rounded way, giving strong foundation for embrace, balance, technique and syllabus. Yulia's method is unique in a sense that she sees Tango as a metaphor for life and relating, which makes her classes an enriching and fun experience. At Tango L'amore, Yulia says, "To dance Tango is to discover yourself, and to dance Tango from your heart is to awaken your soul."

Walking & Embrace

Tango L'amore teaches the basis of Tango. Basic expressions of Tango can be as simple as walking in a special manner in a close embrace, or, it can be dramatic, expressive and showy - and anything in between...

What is the Attraction of Argentine Tango?

Perhaps it is the sexy, slinky movements, or the beauty of the music. However, these elements are present in dances other than Tango, so what makes Tango unique?

Most ballroom dances have a rigid form, with the man leading and the woman following. Tango L'amore teaches partners how to take turns expressing the dance as well as understanding the uniqueness of Tango as it lies in the intimate exchange between a man and a woman.

The variation lies in the nuance similar to the difference between language and conversation. Language is the transmission of ideas, events and emotions through the use of symbols. Conversation is more than the exchange of ideas, it is the give and take of social interaction. It creates a tangible connection between two people. Tango can be experienced as a physical conversation. It is an exchange of energy between partners where one takes initiative and another listens perceptively.

Trust Among Partners

Tango is a language that dissolves boundaries. In the realm of music and movement social barriers melt away and disparate individuals find an intimacy almost unexpected. Tango L'amore teaches that you must accept your partner, and requires a trust among you and your partner that if one listens, one will also be heard.

Creative Conversation

Tango is a more than just steps, it is an intimate, creative conversation between a man and a woman about music, movement, and intimacy. The basis of the conversation is clarity of intention, expressed through the axis of the man's body; and, the woman's corresponding ability to "hear" the man's intention. After the man invites the woman to a pattern, he creates time for her to finish the move, and often to embellish it, without rushing her. While she completes her pattern and embellishments, he becomes the listener. In his listening, he senses, or "hears," her weight changes and her embellishments.


Tango L'amore teaches new partners to listen. To listen well requires a relaxed, connected readiness inside the body. It is a state of heightened awareness; but, without tension. To listen well, we must let go of our own agenda - then patiently open to the other's intention. Sometimes the leader will pause - as he waits for the music or inspiration to move him; and the follower will subtly dance in place as she waits and listens.

Each new partner, each new piece of music, is a vast and unexplored territory.

Tango is a language filled with subtlety, and nuance. Men in Buenos Aires used to practice for hours with each other - exchanging lead and follow roles back and forth - before they would venture out to a milonga. In these modern days, few men would be willing to go to such lengths; but, their example inspires and informs us about the joy and the complexity of Tango. As partners learn to relate to each other with subtlety, precision and awareness, Tango becomes an ongoing journey of discovery and exploration.

Progressing Into Oneness of Being

Each new partner, each new piece of music, is a vast and unexplored territory. As partners start to move as one, perceiving with a kinesthetic sense, and sinking together into the rhythm of Tango, we finally solve the age old quest for oneness of being. Our analytical left brain and our intuitive right brain function as one.

Finally, the dance becomes Tango . . .

As we become more and more conversant with the beautiful and complex language of Tango, we relax into the conversation. First, the give and take becomes a flow; and then the flow becomes a dance-and finally, the dance becomes Tango.

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Dance, particularly Tango, is a really fascinating mirror to relationships and life.

says Yulia...

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