Yulia Maluta - Biography

Yulia Maluta Biography Yulia Maluta is a dance instructor with an extensive dance background. In addition to having a career as a Ballroom and Argentine Tango dancer and dance teacher, she has studied Pilates, Yoga, Jazz, Modern and Improvisational dance. Her latest passion is Argentine Tango. Yulia teaches Tango as conversation and her passion is to help people discover a connection to their core, explore different dynamics and creative expression through dance. Her teachers in Tango have included Argentine Tango masters such as Cristian Cisneros y Virginia Porrino, Sol Alzamora y Leandro Capparelli, Pablo Veron, Latin Karina Smirnoff, Mellissa Dexter and Luis Van Amstel, in Ballroom NigelClarks.

Yulia's Early Years

Yulia Maluta was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her dance career began at age 15 after being inspired by a dance video of Lambada. She turned her focus to learning Latin and later, Ballroom dance. Discovering a natural talent for movement, she caught the eye of Natalie Gorchakova, the internationally renowned dance trainer and choreographer. While studying with Natalie, Yulia herself began to teach children the basics of dance and movement at her local elementary school.

Her Career Beginnings

Yulia Maluta In 1997, Yulia Maluta moved to Santa Barbara, CA and partnered with David Alvarez at the Santa Barbara Dance Centre. It was here that her professional and competitive dance career sprung forth. David and Yulia expressed a chemistry and style that was in constant demand as they traveled nationally. Some of her performances included TV Channel 3, Santa Barbara Fiesta Festival, Lobero Theatre Bash, John E. Profit Foundation of Art Gala.

Desiring to further her competitive career at that time, Yulia moved to San Diego to dance with Daniel Vasco, a widely recognized dancer and choreographer well known in both the dance field and movie industry. After retiring from competition in 2005, Yulia turned her focus to connection to the dance as a means of self-expression. For the next 3 years she focused on deepening her embodiment of integrated movement and expression.

Major Accomplishments

Her desire to express movement from the heart lead to the creation of the dance show 'Journey of Love' with Daniel, a story of love told through Latin Dance: Argentine Tango, Salsa and Rumba that premiered in April, 2009 in San Diego. Yulia's current focus is on teaching her Dance Passion Connection dance troupe, Argentine Tango, Salsa classes, private lessons and organizing events to provide learning and cultural exchange opportunities with Argentine Tango Masters.


On February 11, 2017 I will present my newest production called ''Colors of Love''. The production will be held in Santa Barbara at Center Stage theater.  Colors of Love’ is a dance show featuring professional dancers and singers. They blend their talents together into a powerful expression of the human experience.

This is my contribution to the performing arts community.Your contribution to this project will allow us to further support this collaborative community project of ‘’Colors of Love’’ Dance Show which is also a benefit for ‘’Arts without Limits’’ non profit organization that mentors young artists.

Donations made in a amount $200 can be tax deductible, please contact me if you want a deduction. You can donate online or checks can be send to:

Yulia Maluta
PO box #2462, 
Santa Barbara, CA

''Colors of Love'' Dance Show 2017

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